Helping You Realize Your Potential

"Imagine yourself free of the burden of conflict, self doubt, sadness and stress. You have the potential to achieve a higher quality of life and sense of well being."


Mr. Heard is a skilled and experienced provider of high quality, clinical mental health counseling. With over 30 years of experience, he counsels individuals, couples, groups and families.

Mr. Heard is accomplished at addressing a broad range of issues such as parent-child conflict, divorce prevention and recovery, blended family issues, grief, stress, child custody evaluations and beyond. He will help you to become a happier, healthier person, with self confidence and improved relationships.

There are many times when we can resolve our own issues, but in many circumstances, seeking professional help is very beneficial. Mr. Heard can help you set obtainable goals to manage life's challenges, alleviate your personal and relationship difficulties, and take control of your life.

Services are provided in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment.

"Insight gives you control over your life... Counseling gives you insight."
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