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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis, as a safe and effective technique, is the ultimate brief therapy. It is often referred to as a rapid relief by getting to the root of the problem. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon in which the door to your subconscious mind is opened. Illogical beliefs or negative life scripts can be imbedded into our subconscious mind from early in life. This can result in irrational fears, low self-esteem, self defeating behaviors or addictions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapeutic technique that is recognized by both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association.

Mr. Heard is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, which is a highly skilled therapist possessing an advanced college degree in the mental health profession, and is state licensed and nationally certified by a nationally recognized Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Prior to the session, the client collaborates with the therapist to establish goals for positive life changes. Hypnosis teaches skills that can then be applied to a variety of problems. Such goals might be weight loss, smoke cessation, improved ability to speak before an audience, improved athletic performance, pain management, stress reduction, and improved mood. The therapist guides the client into a state of deep relaxation. During this relaxed state, the client is receptive to positive suggestions to replace negative scripts.

Hypnosis may be used as an adjunct with other techniques such as psychotherapy and medical care to gain maximum benefit.