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Child Custody Evaluations

Joe Heard conducts Child Custody Evaluations for individuals, attorneys, and the court systems. He is considered an expert witness and is available for case specific consulation.

Mr. Heard can provide home study evaluations and child custody evaluations. His written reports are concise, impartial and professional.

If you are in a situation of possible divorce or are already divorced, you may be in need of a Child Custody Evaluation or a Home Study Evaluation.

Unfortunately, there are times when parents cannot agree on what is in the best interests of their children. Mr. Heard can serve you by being an independent, objective, Board Certified Child Custody Evaluator.

Sometimes the court system will order an evaluation to help decide child custody situations. His services can provide a thorough and detailed Child Custody Evaluation and expert court testimony.

This written report may come into evidence and he can provide court testimony when necessary. With over 30 years of clinical knowledge and direct experience, he will work with you to obtain a comprehensive and thorough evaluation.

As a Board Certified Child Custody Evaluator, you will receive profession services, delivered to the highest ethical standards.